• Why Calwest Subscribes to Online Education Philosophies
    At Calwest, we subscribe to online education philosophies that have at its foundation the belief that a great education should be available to anyone around the world, so that learning can be without limits. Calwest strongly believes that education is a right, and not a privilege; and that university degrees…
  • How does it work?
    See Proceedure to Register
  • How much time do I have to devote for each course?
    In a typical face-to-face learning environment, where there is a significant amount of directed teaching, one lecture, seminar, or discussion credit hour represents 1 hour per week of scheduled class/seminar time per semester. Most lecture and seminar courses are awarded 3 credit hours per semester. Over an entire semester, this…
  • Is there a Deadline for Enrolment / Completion?
    No. There is no deadline for enrolment in any Calwest degree program; and you do the courses at your own pace. However, explanations will be sought if Graduate programs take more than 5 years to complete, and Doctoral degree programs take more than 7 years to complete.
  • What if I don’t have a Credit Card?
    Credit cards are the easiest, safest and cheapest means of payment. If students do not have access to one, then using another’s credit card with his/her authority is acceptable. There is no other means of payment at present.
  • Will the qualifications granted by Calwest be accepted by other institutions and universities?
    The transferability of credits you earn at Calwest University is at the complete discretion of an institution to which you may seek to transfer. Acceptance of the degree you earn in any Calwest educational program is also at the complete discretion of the institution to which you may seek to…
  • Are the degrees offered the Calwest University recognized as an accredited university degree?
    Please see Authorizations.
  • Does Calwest have a Campus?
    Calwest is an online university. It only has administrative offices in Los Angles, USA; and a Learning Management System (LMS) maintained in Melbourne, Australia. However, Calwest is actively negotiating to conduct on-campus tutorial support programs in countries in which English is a second language; but where students still wish to…
  • What is the maximum fee?
    Students need to undertake their entire program at Calwest via Tubeclasses, or receive RPL credit for courses already completed and assessed in accredited universities or equivalent professional bodies. The supervision and assessments will be done exclusively by Calwest Professors. See maximum fees. Therefore, depending on the amount of credit granted…
  • What is the minimum fee?
    With its truly global reach, Calwest University is determined to offer high level academic education worldwide at affordable prices. See minimum fees.
  • Do we have to buy Text Books?
    All Tubeclasses courses have prescribed text books that are geared to the course materials. Links are given for students to purchase these online from the publisher; or through Amazon. It is the student’s responsibility to purchase the text books (or obtain them from a library).
  • When do I start? How long will it take? When are the exams held /assignments due?
    Tubeclasses courses can be started at anytime once you enroll in them. You work at your own pace. The method of assessment is via online exams or via an assignment at the end of each course. Assessments for Online Courses: Once you have completed all the topics in the course,…
  • Will my Degree/ Testamur/Diploma refer to the CMA Credits obtained?
    No. The Degree Certificate/ Testamur/Diploma Certificate will only show that your degree was obtained from the Calwest University. Your Transcripts will show those courses that you have been given a Recognized Prior Learning credit for, but not the institution where the prior learning was undertaken. All courses examined by Calwest…
  • Will Calwest have a Graduating Ceremony?
    Currently no graduating ceremony is envisaged as Calwest students are scattered worldwide. Further, as students progress through the program at their own pace; there is no finish time. However, as Calwest numbers grow, and there is enough numbers in a country to warrant organizing a graduation, then it will be…
  • Will university credit be given for studies undertaken via professional bodies?
    Qualifications obtained at Rating 1 Professional Bodies listed by the AECSA are acceptable for credit in Calwest masters courses. If you have a Rating 1 Professional Body qualification, please register for a degree program, and request credit on a course by course basis. At present Calwest has granted bulk credit…
  • If I am no longer a Financial Member of ICMA; can I do the Calwest degree programs?
    If you are NOT a ‘Financial’ Member of ICMA you can still undertake a Calwest degree program, but you need to rejoin ICMA and obtain a current membership number. Please insert your (expired) Membership Number [CID or MID] in the Calwest Application process. It will list you as a ‘lapsed’…
  • On conversion of my CMA to an MBA, do I lose my CMA designation?
    The MBA is a University degree that you obtain for life. The CMA (from the Institute of Certified Management Accountants of Australia) is a Professional qualification that you need to upkeep annually by paying the membership fees and undertaking the required Continuing Professional Development (CPD) requirements. You don’t lose one…
  • Are Calwest Degrees acceptable for Australian Migration Points?
    Although ICMA is an Australian entity the Calwest MBA & DBA are authorized American degrees. They are not offered for purposes of Migration to Australia, but instead for enhancing your knowledge and research capabilities. It is up to the Australian Government to recognize them (or not) for migration purposes.
  • For UAE Residents are Degree Certificates Attested?
    Calwest does not, at present, provide a Degree attestation by a USA ministry and then by a UAE consulate in United States as required by some UAE Residents. In the future, if the numbers are large enough Calwest will explore the feasibility and economics of this attestation service. Meanwhile, UAE…
  • How can I contact the University?
    For students the contact is only by email via the contact form.