When do I start? How long will it take? When are the exams held /assignments due?

Tubeclasses courses can be started at anytime once you enroll in them. You work at your own pace. The method of assessment is via online exams or via an assignment at the end of each course.

Assessments for Online Courses:

Once you have completed all the topics in the course, you will be given access to a Written Assignment or a Final Online Exam. The Online Final Exam is a composite of all the topic assessment questions. You will be allowed only One Attempt at the final exam. The final exam is 90-minutes in duration. After 90-minutes, whatever you have attempted will be submitted automatically to Calwest for assessment, and you will get your final grade soon after (within 24-hours).

Assessments for Research Courses:

The requirements for these are different to the online courses and the details are provided in the Course Syllabus. These are:

Research Methods: Self-Assessment that you have completed all readings and videos

Research Proposal: The submission of the Research Proposal to your supervisor, and grading by supervisor

Research Thesis: The submission of the Research Thesis to your supervisor, for submission to two examiners for grading.