Tubeclasses is the Calwest University’s powerful online video and electronic media learning platform that is very easy to use. Tubeclasses is essentially, Calwest’s ‘Cloud Campus’. After students login in Tubeclasses, they enter their personal learning environment at Calwest.

In the university's Catalog, students can find the overview of all programs and courses Calwest offers. Once a student registers for a particular program and a course in that program; Tubeclasses then navigates them through their personalized education at the Calwest.

Students can self-study each course by using the Syllabus, PowerPoint presentations and any selected Videos found in their course. Students must purchase (or have access to) the compulsory Text Book for the course. In all coursework courses, the assessments are also conducted online. Numerous interactive quizzes and/or case studies give a permanent opportunity to check on the individual learning progress until you feel fit to undertake the final online examination.

For the research courses, the assessments are different and often involve a research supervisor.

Alternatively, students can register (for an extra fee) for face-to-face tutorial seminars; which will soon be conducted in key centers around the world, with experts in the field. The seminars are designed to enhance understanding of the learning content found in the online material.

Calwest University's Tubeclasses are the most versatile, cost effective, and yet easy and intuitive learning platform that is unparalleled in the market. A web-browser with flash-plug-in and Acrobat Reader is all it needs.