Learn at World-Class Universities, be Assessed for Credit, and earn an Affordable University Degree                     


Why Study at Calwest?

  • Affordable Education: A minimum of less than $2,000 for an entire graduate program (and a maximum of less than $5,000 for an entire graduate program)
  • Education Everywhere: Pure online education or blended learning via global strategic partners
  • Learn from World-Class Professors: Calwest has specialized courses that use open online courses from world-class institutions as supplementary delivery vehicles.
  • Easy to use Interactive Learning Platform: Simply choose a Program, complete the listed courses, take Calwests assessments or get your prior learning recognized and earn your degree at you own pace.

Our Mission

Calwest aims at providing affordable high-quality education to members of approved bona-fide professional organizations, so they can work towards attaining a recognized business degree at a fraction of the costs usually associated with such degree programs.

Who Sponsors Us?

Calwest is sponsored by the Institute of Certified Management Accountants and the Calwest degree programs are currently only for the members of the ICMA. If you are not a member of ICMA, you can become a member via the Calwest application process found on this website.




How does it Work?

Calwest has specialized programs that are made up a mix of open online courses from world-class institutions, and Calwest's own courses. Simply complete the listed courses, take Calwests assessments and earn your degree. And if you've already done some of the courses, we can give you credit for those too.

Flow Chart

Tell me More about Calwest?

Calwest University is an USA based institution that specializes in providing online programs via the Internet to a global audience, and face-to-face seminars worldwide delivered by strategic partners.

Calwest’s global education programs are recognized by the Australian Education Standards Credentials Agency (AECSA) which lists Calwest University as an 'approved' organization.