Student Complaints

Calwest University is committed to providing a learning and working environment in which complaints are responded to promptly and with minimum distress and maximum protection to all parties. As part of its commitment to creating a supportive and open organizational culture, the University is committed to ethical and responsible management, transparency in its decision-making processes, and a visible, accessible and fair complaints process. The University views student complaints as providing an opportunity to review and improve its policies and practices, and also to gain insight into student levels of satisfaction.

This policy applies to all aspects of a student's educational experience at Calwest. Students may make a complaint about:

  • other students of the University
  • academic and support staff, or
  • people external to Calwest that students interact with as part of an approved external program of study.

Students may make a complaint about any matter which relates to their program of study at Calwest.

A complaint is a statement expressing dissatisfaction made to a manager or other person in authority at Calwest that requires action or response. In the first instance, such a complaint will be directed to the President [This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.] for investigation. Students proved to have hazed, will be expelled from the university.

The person making the complaint ("the complainant") will have to be identified to the person complained about ("the respondent"), unless the facts of the complaint are not disputed.

In a worldwide online community such as found in Calwest, interactions between students and other students and staff are many and varied. The University recognizes that critical comment and response are an important part of the collective endeavor to improve the quality of educational programs and community life, and such feedback would not normally be viewed as a complaint unless specific action was requested. In some cases however, students may feel that they have experienced unreasonable treatment, disadvantage or distress which they want to make a complaint about.

No complaint will be pre-judged.