The Following Senior Academics from Leading Universities in USA and Worldwide have provided their time on a pro-bono basis to design the World-class online instructional materials and assessments to give Calwest student's an unique learning experience.



Prof. Janek Ratnatunga

MBA, PhD (Bradford); FCA; CMA

Formerly, Dean and Head of Commerce at the University of South Australia for 4 years; and before that held the Chair in Business Accounting for 18 years at Monash University, Australia. He has also held academic positions at the University of Melbourne and the University of Canberra in Australia; and the Universities of Washington, Richmond and Rhode Island in the USA. He is the Editor of the Journal of Applied Management Accounting Research. He has authored/co-authored twenty-five books on strategic cost management, entrepreneurship, financial accounting, accounting theory and financial modeling; and over 250 academic and professional papers. He has worked in the profession as a Chartered Accountant with KPMG, and is a consultant for the World Bank. He is a world authority on the business and accounting implications of climate change and carbon trading. In January 2009, he was awarded the prestigious joint American Accounting Association, AICPA (USA), CIMA (UK) and CMA (Canada) Impact on Management Accounting Practice Award. The award is given annually to a paper published within the last five years in a refereed academic journal that has the greatest potential impact on Management Accounting Practice.


Program Responsibility: Doctor of Business Administration (DBA)


Course Responsibilities: VAL501: Business Ethics; VAL502: Global Issues; VAL504: Philosophy; VAL503: Critical Thinking


Adjunct Faculty

Dean of Business


Prof. Leon Duval

MBus (Acc) (Monash); PhD (WITS); FCA; CMA

Formerly, President and CEO of the Institute of Certified Management Accountants. Academic positions at Monash University and Wharton Institute of Technology and Science. Professional experience in running successful consultancy practice for 30 years. He is an educator who travels the world giving seminars in Strategic Cost Management and Blended Organizations.


Responsibility:  Design of all Business Courses

Program Responsibility: Master of Business Administration (MBA)

Course Responsibilities: MBA605 & DBA 806: Economics; MBA710 & DBA 810: Corporate Finance


 Course Curriculum and Assessment Design



Prof. Chintan Bharwada

BCom (Mumbai); MBA (Monash); PhD (WITS).

Prof. Chintan Bharwada has had extensive experience in relationship management in a both career in leading traditional and on-line and universities; professional associations. He was in charge of Alumni affairs at La Trobe University, Australia, and Relationship Manager for the Tertiary sector at CPA Australia, a professional body with over 200,000 members undertaking online-professional and continuing education in over 100 countries. His career also includes being Dean at the Academy of Professional Education, in Mumbai and he hosts a highly successful blog-site “Loyalty and Customers’ where his views on human behavior, marketing and ethics are highly sort after.


Course Responsibilities: MBA601 & DBA 802: Management; MBA602 & DBA 803: Marketing; MBA709 & DBA 809: International Business



Paul Cohen

Prof Paul Cohen

AAS (College of Staten Island); BBA (Honors) (York University, Canada); MBA (Baruch University); ABD (City University of New York)

Professor Paul Cohen has almost 30 years experience as an academic in the USA. He has held academic appointments at Florida Atlantic University (1998-2014); The Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale (1991-1998): and the College of Staten Island (1985-190). He was the Chair of the Bachelor Program at the College of Staten Island. He has also held an Adjunct Professor appointment at Nova Southeastern University (1991-2001). At Florida Atlantic University he was the supervisor of Marketing Internships (2009-2014). He has provided instruction for the following courses at Florida Atlantic University: Principles of Advertising; Marketing Management; Honors Seminar in Marketing; Retail Management; Merchandising Management; Media Strategy & Tactics; Creative Advertising Strategy; Sales and Sales Management; Consumer Behavior; Marketing Research & Information Systems; Seminar in Entrepreneurship; Marketing Strategy; Advertising Internship; Internship in Retailing and Sales Management Internship.


Course Responsibilities: MBA714 & DBA 811: Competitive Analysis; MBA608 & DBA 808: Strategic Management




Prof. Kavan Ratnatunga

BSc (Hons) (Cey); MS (Pitts); PhD (ANU)

Prof. Kavan Ratnatunga has had a 25 year academic career, which has included research at Institute of Advanced Study in Princeton; the Dominion Astrophysical Observatory in Victoria Canada; NASA Goddard Space Flight Center in Greenbelt, Space Telescope Science Institute; Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, and Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh. Highlights of over 50 publications in refereed Journals included the First in-situ sample of Field Halo K-giants in Galactic Halo (1983), and the First Quad Gravitational Lens discovered with NASA Hubble Space Telescope (1995).


Course Responsibilities: MBA606 & DBA 807: Business Statistics




Prof. Raymond Greasley


Prof. Raymond Greasley has had a 25 year career in IT, which has covered: Project Management, Process Management, Analysis, Software Development/Testing, LAN Administration, Source Control, Training Staff, Infrastructure Builds – SQL Servers, Workstations, Web Servers, and Windows Servers. He has been project manager of large IT based projects and is a world-expert consultant in data integrity and security. He is currently Dean of the Global Business School at the Wharton Institute of Technology and Science.


Course Responsibilities: MBA711: Computer Science.


Prof. Marshall Geiger

Ph.D., M.S. (Penn.State) , B.S.,B.A. (Bloomsburg , PA)

Prof Marshall Geiger is Professor of Accounting at the University of Richmond and held the Joseph A. Jennings Chair in Business Administration from August 2004 to 2010 at the University. He has been appointed to the Office of the Chief Accountant, U. S. Securities and Exchange Commission, Washington DC.  His other teaching appointments have been at the University College (on-line) at the University of Maryland, the University of Florida, the University of Rhode Island, the University of Maine, and the Pennsylvania State University. He has written 5 books and over 200 Academic and Professional papers and numerous conference papers. His professional experience was gained at Ernst & Young in Reading, PA.


Course Responsibilities: MBA603 & DBA804: Accounting


Prof. Mark Higgins

PhD (Tennessee), M.S., BS. (South Carolina), CPA.

Prof Mark Higgins is Dean of the John Cook School of Business, Saint Louis University. Prior to this he was a member of University of Rhode Island’s faculty since 1988 and was appointed Dean of the URI’s business college in 2006. During his tenure at the University of Rhode Island, Prof. Higgins held the Alfred J. Verrecchia-Hasbro Inc. Leadership Chair in Business; and has also served as director of the Masters in Accounting program and Associate Dean for undergraduate programs. Prior to joining the University of Rhode Island, he was a tax manager for Ernst and Young in New York City. His research covers a broad range of areas that encompasses accounting education, tax research, real estate and business ethics and has been published nationally and internationally. Prof. Higgins is the past president of the American Taxation Association and serves on the Executive Committee of the American Accounting Association as vice president for Sections and Regions. In 2006, he was elected into the American Accounting Association Northeast Region Hall of Fame.

Course Responsibilities: DBA813: Research Proposal



Prof. Kashi Balachandran

BEng (Hon) (Madras) , MS,. PhD. (Berkeley), CMA.

Prof. Kashi. R. Balachandran is a professor emeritus of accounting and operations management at New York University Stern School of Business, and former Editor in Chief of Journal of Accounting Auditing and Finance.  He has served as Distinguished Institute Professor of G.D. Goenka World Institute where he advised the management on strategic development of the institute.  He also served as Executive Director of the newly formed Glocal University in India. He is also a Chair Professor of Accounting at Tunghai University in Taiwan.  He is an organizing member of the Taiwan- Italy Internship Program in its fifth year of operation and the China- Italy Internship program, for students from Taiwan and China to serve in Italian companies as interns. He has written and published more than 85 articles in leading academic journals of economics, accounting, operations research and management science. He served on the staff of Ross Institute of Accounting Research at New York University that develops liaison with Industry.


Course Responsibilities: MBA712 & DBA 812: Operations Management,

MBA604 & DBA805: Finance


Prof.  Kasi Ramanathan

PhD, MBA (Northwestern); BCom (Calcutta)

Prof Kasi Ramanathan is Professor Emeritus of Accounting at the University of Washington in Seattle. Formerly he was Professor and Chairman, Department of Accounting, University of Washington Business School. Prof. Ramanathan is an internationally recognized expert in the application of accounting and finance techniques for shareholder value-based organizational planning and control. His major publications include Accounting for Managerial Decision Making and Management Control in Nonprofit Organizations. Amongst the prestigious appointments he has held are Professor at the Indian Institute of Management; Visiting Professor at Harvard University, New York University, Simon Fraser University and the University of Auckland, New Zealand. He was also a Visiting Fellow at the Australian National University and Monash University, Australia. He has published numerous award winning books and publications and undertaken consulting projects at Boeing, Tektronix, Washington State Department of Social and Health Services, and others; and conducted numerous executive seminars to help decentralized managers focus on firm-wide shareholder value creation.


Course Responsibilities: DBA801: Research Methods, DBA814: Research Thesis


Prof. Ray Slaughter

BA (Kentucky State);  MBA (Penn); LLM (William & Mary); JD (Howard

Prof. Ray Slaughter is an Associate Professor at the University of Richmond, where he has held faculty appointments since 1979. He has taught courses in business law, federal taxation and state and local taxation; and has been involved in Directed Student Learning at the university in tax strategies and planning; tax compliance and administration and accounting and business management.

Amongst the many awards and honors he has received are The Outstanding Faculty Award, Virginia State Council of Higher Education; the David Mead White Distinguished Teaching Fellow and the Distinguished Educator Award at the University of Richmond. Amongst his public and community service activities are appointments to the Virginia State Board of Accountancy; Board of Trustees of Mary Washington Healthcare; Board Chairman of Employment Resources, Inc and the Gladys Oberle School; Board of Directors of the Union First Market Bank and to the Habitat for Humanity.

He also practices as an Attorney-at-Law; focusing on commercial law and federal taxation. He is an Attorney-at-Law, Virginia Bar Associations, and a Certified Public Accountant, Pennsylvania.

Course Responsibilities: MBA607: Business Law, MBA713: Entrepreneurial Law