Student Services

Calwest University is dedicated to serving our students, from enrollment to graduation—and beyond. Calwest will help you make the most of your time, provide the services you deserve and help you achieve the success you desire.

Personalized Graduation Team Support

One of the most significant decisions students will make in their life is their career. It starts with deciding on a major and exploring career related goals. If students are not sure what path to follow, as a Calwest student, they will receive personalized guidance from an expert advisor via This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. The institution admits students from countries outside USA, but as the expectation is that they will be doing their studies in their home countries via the ‘cloud campus’ and not in the USA, visa services are not required, and are not provided by Calwest University.

Placement Support

If students are Calwest graduates residing in the USA, they will receive support guidance from an online expert who will advise them on resume writing; interview preparation; interview techniques and job search techniques. Calwest will also help students find online job vacancy listings; placement information; employment publications and salary information in the USA. Please note that while placement services are offered, employment cannot be guaranteed. This service is not available for non-USA residents and for those who are not seeking employment in the USA. Visa services are not provided for those seeking employment in the USA.

Online Administrative Ease

At Calwest, students can conduct all of their administrative business online, including registering for class, updating their account, accessing learning materials—even checking their schedule and grades. Other online services available through the Moodle learning platform include a GPA calculator, transfer credit information, degree completion requirements and transcript requests.

Technical Support

It’s reassuring for students to know that online technical support is available every day of the year; 24/7, even over the holidays. All students have to do is to contact Calwest online and a knowledgeable representative will answer their questions or help them solve technical issues.

Academic Help

At Calwest University, students enjoy 24/7 access to all their course PowerPoints and automated faculty-programmed responses to topic quiz answers. Reviews by faculty members are also are available for doctoral students. English language services such as ESL are not provided