Legal Corporation

Calwest University was founded in 2014, and is sponsored by the Institute of Certified Management Accountants, a bona fide professional organization. 

Calwest University’s corporation number is C3717770

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Exemption Statement

Calwest University, as an institution sponsored by a bona fide professional organization that offers educational programs solely for that organization's membership, has met the qualifications for exemption from regulation under the Act, pursuant to California Education Code (CEC) section 94874 (b).

Calwest’s MBA and DBA programs have received Verification of Exemption status by the California Bureau for Private Postsecondary Education (BPPE.) under the Department of Consumer Affairs. The BPPE ensures that private institutions of postsecondary education are conducted lawfully.

For more information about verification to operate a private post-secondary institution in California, see the BPPE. website (


International Approval

Calwest University is an approved organization of the Australian Education Credentials Standards Agency (AECSA) [] which is a non-profit organization set up to investigate and categorize the educational standards of universities and professional organizations around the world. Over the years it has investigated over 1,000 universities and professional bodies internationally, and lists