Course Design & Delivery

The major rationale of establishing Calwest was to value-add and enable students to take advantage of a world-class program from the USA, available worldwide. Any (traditional or non-traditional) university course has 3 distinct components: (1) Course Content (syllabus; learning outcomes); (2) Course Delivery (face-to-face; distance education; online); and (3) Course Assessment (examination; assignment; credit for prior learning, challenge exams).

The Course Content is solely designed by Calwest faculty, and the syllabus outlines of these courses are listed on the webpage. In designing courses, as benchmarking with other World-class universities is done across most higher education institutions, both traditional and non-traditional; it is very possible that a student’s expected learning outcomes from a course listed and offered in by Calwest can be obtained via a similar online or face-to-face course.

In terms of Course Delivery, all courses will be delivered by Calwest, via its Tubeclasses, which sits on a Moodle platform. The online delivery of courses that impart the ‘Core Values’, ‘Core Building Blocks” and ‘Electives’ will be comprehensive, with Course Syllabuses, PowerPoint presentations and Videos (where relevant). Students are responsible for purchasing (or having access to) the print or electronic text book assigned for the course covering Calwest’s syllabus.

All the Course Assessments will be done by Calwest professors. These assessments include proctored traditional and online exams, assignments, challenge exams and credit for prior learning. The learning of students undertaking all modes of assessment is based on the syllabuses of courses offered at Calwest, and listed in its catalog.

Calwest has furnished in its on-line catalog, a detailed description of how each program will be conducted; and the syllabus of each course conducted internally by the university; including course outlines and compulsory text books. The programs will be asynchronous in that students will take courses at each student's own pace.  The access to course materials will be via the internet, using a Moodle Learning Management Platform. The grading scheme for all assessments and the evaluation of student work is presented in each course syllabus of the courses taught by Calwest. The timely response to students’ questions and comments, record keeping and technical support is also managed via Moodle. There is no equipment or supplies that need to be provided to any student, in any of the courses conducted at the university. Note that Calwest does not provide any courses that require the development of a manual or technical skill, such as the use of equipment or tools. Further, no courses are conducted at Calwest that will require a laboratory experience.