Graduate Business Programs

The main purpose of Calwest University is to provide affordable high-quality American degrees to students living in all parts of the world who deserve a quality education, but were, until recently, unable to obtain such due to both costs and the tyranny of distance. Calwest proposes to provide a framework for the sequence of courses to be delivered and assessed by the university, so that students can work towards attaining a recognized degree at a fraction of the costs usually associated with such degree programs. Calwest will also recognize for credit the high-quality education available externally to students (via other learning institutions) provided the assessment of such course have been appropriately proctored.

Calwest has two Graduate Business Programs:

The Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree program’s objective is to provide holders of non-business degrees, an opportunity for a career change into general management, by providing an industry responsive program relevant to both students and the future needs of employers. Students cover the areas of business administration, accounting, finance and marketing; and many specialist electives.

The Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) degree program is to provide holders of both an Undergraduate and Masters degree (in any discipline) an opportunity for career related research at a doctoral level, Action research is undertaken to provide an industry responsive program for senior managers. Students research a specific area of study and write a research thesis.