Examination Board

Prof. Ruth Koku (Chairman)

The Examination Board is responsible for the following:

  1. Determination of the rules of the organization, as well as the execution of tests, examinations and assignments in accordance with the regulations stipulated in the Schools of Calwest.
  2. Appointment of examiners and proctors for the examinations and assignments.
  3. Appointment of one External Examiner and one Internal Examiner for all Higher Research Degree Theses.
  4. Deciding on admission policy requirements for undergraduate and graduate studies.
  5. Deciding on the recognition of practical semesters within the course and assessment regulations of all Calwest programs.
  6. Deciding on the recognition of previously earned credits from regular and online courses.
  7. Developing 'Challenge Assessments' for students who have already completed Recognized Prior Learning (RPL) studies.
  8. Deciding on the granting of extensions on deadlines and on issues concerning failure in, withdrawal from, cheating in, and the invalidity of assessments.
  9. Determining the overall assessment results.
  10. Answering in cases of appeal, all matters covered by the course and assessment regulations.
  11. Deciding on waiver of fees of repeat sitting of assessments (in cases of exceptional hardship).