Student Records

All student records are maintained at Calwest's Tubeclasses (which uses as its platform the Moodle Learning Management System).  This platform will provide, ensure, and maintain access for all students to the information resources and services appropriate to support each program and course. The Tubeclasses platform will contain all documents evidencing a student’s prior learning upon which the assessors and the institution base the award of any credit or credential.  Academic transcripts will be maintained, kept current, and retained permanently for each student. Calwest will adopt a policy requiring that credits awarded for prior learning, including internal credit by challenge examinations, to be identified on the student’s academic transcript. Calwest will retain all students’ records indefinitely in electronic format, with regards to student evaluation, assessment and awarding of credit. Calwest believes that such a retention time is more than sufficient for reasonable future review and confirmation of student work. The Tubeclasses platform will also provide, ensure, and maintain the security of examinations and papers and other assessments.