Learning Resources

Calwest University is a full member institution of TopiaU Library Services , which provides students and faculty access to various collections of quality academic resources and services to support the member institutions’ academic programs. All a student needs to access these resources is his/her Calwest University, User ID and Password.

All of the MBA and DBA ‘tuition-based’ courses are stand-alone; i.e. the material delivered via Calwest’s Tubeclasses, along with the compulsory course text-book, are sufficient to deliver the learning outcomes. The Library and other supplementary learning resources are mainly for students who set themselves personal goals to learn beyond the requirements of the course.

It is in the DBA ‘research’ courses that students will need to do extensive research for their Research Proposals and Research Theses. TopiaU Library services provides a gateway for research students to do such direct research or obtain the services of a Librarian. TopiaU Library services provides the free services of an information professional to all Calwest students and faculty; although there may be a fee involved for advanced and complex librarian help.


Librarian Services

The TopiaU Library Services also provides excellent free Librarian services. There are three types of student research questions that can be asked:

Direct Research: Today research students and faculty have a seamless access to information and resources. With the advent of global search engines such as Google Scholar, the Free Library and others; the ‘library research experience’ is direct; i.e. 99% of searches are done personally by students and faculty in a modern university sitting at their desk in home or campus; without the intervention of a librarian. Once they log-in, students can do such direct research by using any of the links to the free online libraries listed in the TopiaU ‘Direct Research’ Tab.

Free Librarian Services: TopiaU Library services have free Librarian services for most student research queries. If students have a research question that needs the services of a Librarian, once they log-in, they can click on the ‘Librarian’ tab, and ask a question via the ‘My Questions’ link. The maximum response time is three-days.

Advanced Librarian Research: If what the student asks at the ‘My Questions’ link is considered an advanced research request by the Librarian at TopiaU, the student will be told by the TopiaU Librarian that a fee may be involved. The minimum fee for a standard search will be US$25 payable by a student in advance. Payments are collected directly by Calwest on behalf of TopiaU Library Services.

Complex Librarian Services: For more very complex librarian services, that will cost more than US$25; a quote will be provided to students prior to commencement. Students should note that there are also download fees payable to some commercial publishers for copyrighted material