Exams & Assessments


The are no written exams or assignments in the Calwest MBA program for all courses.

Instead, there is Continuous Assessments done throughout each Topic of each Course; and a Final Assessment; using online Multiple-Choice Questions (MCQs).

All topics in each MBA course will have a Topic Quiz that needs to be satisfactorily answered prior to being allowed to access the next topic in the course. You are allowed unlimited attempts in each Topic Quiz, so that you can master the topic before proceeding to the next. After completing all Topics (and Quizzes), your Final Assessment will be available for you to undertake online at a time of your convenience. There will be a time limit of 90 minutes for the final assessment in which you will need to answer 80 multiple-choice questions that will be randomly selected from the questions asked in the topic quizzes. 

Please ensure that you have an undisturbed 90-minute time frame to undertake your Final Assessment; as after 90 minutes your work will be automatically submitted and graded.  

There will be only one attempt provided for the Final Assessment.

The Final Assessment will form the over 80% of the weight given to your final course grade. The Balance 20% is obtained as an average of the scores you achieve in the Topic Quizzes.

  •  A student can repeat an assessment, in case s/he failed the first time, by paying an additional assessment fee of USD $275.00 per course.



DBA - Business Courses

The assessments are the same as for the MBA Courses above. All those already holding an MBA get recognized prior credit for all these courses.

DBA - Research Courses

Research Methods

There is NO completion assessment for this course. Once you have viewed all material, you can self-assess yourself that you are ready to start on the next course; the Research Proposal.

Research Proposal

On enrolment, you will be provided with a Research supervisor. Your course assessment is a completed Research Proposal, that your supervisor assesses and certifies that you are ready to undertake the Research Thesis.

Research Thesis

Your course assessment is a completed Research Thesis between 25,000 and 50,000 words, that will be marked by two independent Examiners.