Online Distance Education

Flexible Classes and Class Sessions

Calwest University’s classes are online – once students in a degree program, they can take a class at any time they wish from any location from where they can get access to good internet facilities. There is no traditional distance education “teaching” involved. Traditional distance education methods have been transformed and enhanced by online learning, cloud computing and algorithms to replace human interaction.

This is very much how knowledge economy companies operate; i.e. human interaction is kept to a minimum, as it is not possible to provide human interaction when course-sizes are often 100+ students in different time zones around the world.

The names of the Faculty member responsible for overviewing/developed the curriculum and providing the Test Bank of Quiz questions is listed in each of the course curricular.

Students Study at Their Own Pace

Students have a choice of how they wish to do their studies; using Textbooks and related PowerPoint presentations only. They can decide when they are ready for an assessment of studied material. They can change their learning intensity from part-time to full-time back and forth at any time and bring their studies into a perfect balance with their life.

Calwest’s Value Offer to Students

Calwest neither needs to finance expensive buildings and facilities nor pay for printing of learning material. The faculty are mostly working in accredited traditional universities and mostly provide their services on a voluntary, pro-bono basis. The creation of the seminar material is solely done by Calwest’s faculty, and delivered electronically with minimum human interaction. Only the Internet and today technologies allow such an efficiency which leads to a significant reduction in costs that Calwest passes on to its students.

Non-Disruptive Education

Calwest’s highly flexible, online courses have been designed for working professionals. Students who join Calwest do not pursue education at the cost of their earnings and career.

No Re-Location or Housing Costs

With a ‘Cloud-campus’, there are no costs associated with locating to a conventional university campus, either for studies or for taking exams. This means that Calwest has (a) no need for any dormitory facilities under its control; (b) no need to locate housing reasonably near the institution's facilities (and as such, there will be no associated housing or transport costs); and (c) no responsibility to find or assist a student in finding housing to undertake their studies.

This way Calwest can offer a truly international curriculum of the highest standard.