Anti-Hazing Policy

Hazing takes various forms, but typically involves physical risks or mental distress through, for example, humiliating, intimidating, or demeaning treatment. In recent times extended to Cyber-bullying which refers to the act of hazing online. As Calwest University is an on-line university, the potential for online hazing of fellow students exists; especially if contact information is shared in discussion groups etc. The university itself will not provide directly to another student any contact information. Despite this if a student believes that he/she has been hazed any other individual (who is a student of Calwest) via any of the following actions: (a) Threats of violence; (b) Hate speech or postings; (c) Harassment; (d) Peer pressure; (e) Bribery; (f) Psychological abuse; and (g) Extortion; then the student must bring this to the attention of the President [president[at]] for investigation. Students proved to have hazed, will be expelled from the university.