Student Appeals

The Student will be notified immediately upon termination from a course or program with causes provided. Upon written submission by the student, an appeal will be heard by the Admissions Committee. If the appeal has merit and is granted, the student will be so notified by the chair of the committee. The committee may require special arrangements or conditions to allow the student to continue. Satisfaction of such conditions is an obligation of the student. If there is no appeal or if an appeal is denied, the student will be removed from any courses for which the student is registered. Dismissal action will be noted on the student’s academic transcript.

Readmission of Students

Students who have been academically dismissed from Calwest may apply for re-admission after one year by writing to the Provost. The application for re-admission should include the following information: educational goals; past academic difficulties and steps taken to address these difficulties; plans for ensuring future academic success; and transcripts of academic work taken at other institutions during the period following dismissal. In evaluating an application for re-admission, the Provost will consider evidence of the student's growth and maturity that will indicate the student now has an increased probability of being academically successful. Re-admission of dismissed students is not automatic and will be granted only by the Provost.