The Calwest Global Learning Concept

Study Globally, Apply Knowledge Locally

Calwest online programs are open entry 100% distance learning programs and target at life-long-learning. Students can register globally at any time, study from wherever they live and as fast as they like.

Calwest face-to-face academic programs are blended learning programs with 24 hours of in-class seminars supported by 6-12 hours of face-to-face tutorial seminars per course. These tutorial seminars are offered in our global network of carefully selected academic institutions or our own Calwest campuses worldwide. These seminars put theory into practice and give the program the local, cultural flavor with India, Sri Lanka, Indonesia, the Philippines, Hong Kong and the UAE as the current focus of Calwest.

Calwest intends to expand its network of partner institutions so students from further regions can benefit from the Calwest Global Learning Concept.

The Calwest Global Learning Concept ensures that students around the globe can study a truly international curriculum with peers from other continents without having to leave their country, at very affordable prices.

With its truly global and multilingual University Calwest is determined to offer high level academic education worldwide at affordable prices.

Please note that the more courses you do outside obtaining face-to-face tuition support, the more your degree will cost you. Face-to-face programs offered by accredited providers of Calwest, will necessarily cost more, but Calwest has an income adapted fee structure in place for students residing in less-developed countries wishing to learn in face-to-face mode.