Master of Business Administration - for CMAs


Notice to Prospective School of Business MBA Degree Program Students

Please note that this program is available only to members of the Institute of Certified Management Accountants (ICMA)

Note also that no program at Calwest is designed to lead to positions in a profession, occupation, trade, or career field requiring licensure in the State of California; and students are advised not rely on a Calwest degree to obtain such qualifications or credentials.

Graduate program: Business Administration

Program Admission Requirements:  CMA (Australia) - Certified Membership of the Institute of Certified Management Accountants (Australia). A student must have Certified Level (CMA) membership of the Institute of Certified Management Accountants (Australia).  Students applying should have the email address they have provided to the ICMA and their membership (CID or MID) number. Non-financial CMA members need to become financial by paying the current annual membership fees to ICMA directly, or via Calwest University by ticking the box to add this amount in their Calwest Enrollment Application. Calwest will remit the annual membership fees collected to ICMA and make the CMA member financial again.

Program Objective: The main purpose of Calwest University is to provide affordable high-quality American degrees to students living in all parts of the world who deserve a quality education, but were, until recently, unable to obtain such due to both costs and the tyranny of distance. Calwest proposes to provide a framework for the sequence of courses to be delivered and assessed by the university, so that students can work towards attaining a recognized degree at a substantially lower cost than that usually associated with such quality online degree programs. Calwest will also recognize for credit the high-quality education available externally to students provided the assessment of such course have been appropriately proctored.

The Master of Business Administration program’s objective is to provide CMA holders an industry responsive program relevant to both students and the future needs of employers.

Program Description: The program is geared for graduate level studies in Business Administration. CMA members must successfully complete 4 ‘Values’ courses  to be eligible to be awarded their MBA graduate degree. The ‘value’ courses are compulsory and must be undertaken via Tubeclasses at Calwest; which are then assessed internally by Calwest University professors. The balance of 8 courses in the Calwest MBA program have been given automatic Reconized Prior Learning (RPL) credit due to the education undertaken by students in the CMA program.

In summary, CMA Certification holders of ICMA need to successfully complete only the 4 'Values' courses to obtain their MBA.


Program Courses:

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Core Values (Compulsory Calwest Delivered Courses)
Course CodeCourse TitleCredit HoursGrade
VAL501Business Ethics (via Tubeclasses only)*3
VAL502Global Issues (via Tubeclasses only)*3
VAL503Critical Thinking (via Tubeclasses only)*3
VAL504Philosophy (via Tubeclasses only)*3
Total Credit Hours (Completed 0)12

Recognized Prior Learning Granted for CMA Holders
Course CodeCourse TitleCredit HoursGrade
MBA608Strategic Management3
MBA709International Business3
MBA714Competitive Analysis3
Total Credit Hours (Completed 0)24

Credit Hours Completed:0

Credit Hours Remaining:36

This program consists of a total of 36 Credit Hours

What Will Happen when you click the “Apply Now” button?

You will first be directed to an Application page where you will fill in your enrolment details.

After your enrolment details via an Enrollment Agreement are completed, you will be directed to a secure Bank of America Gateway site for you to pay the:

  • Registration fee of $ 200,
  • RPL credit recognition fee for 8 courses of $ 1600
  • and the Tubeclasses fee of $ 3,200 for the 4 compulsory courses required to complete your MBA .

On completion of this program a further payment of $ 350.00 will be required as program completion and degree granting fees.

The full cost of your MBA is therefore $ 5350.00, of which $ 5,000 is due on application now.