Academic Calendar

As a university with a campus in the ‘cloud’, Calwest University has no standard academic calendar of terms, quarters and semesters. The start dates, duration and examinations of Calwest courses (many utilizing supplementary delivery via MOOC universities) will be provided when students log into their courses. However, for purposes of understanding, course credits will be earned on a semester equivalency basis.

The four compulsory general education Tubeclasses courses that are compulsory in the masters program at Calwest; i.e.

  1. Busines Ethics;
  2. Global Issues;
  3. Critical Thinking and
  4. Philosophy can be started at anytime once students enroll in them.

Students work at their own pace. The method of assessment is via an on-line examination or assignment when the students are confident that they are ready to be assessed. For on-line exams, these will be available automatically once all the Topic Quizzes have been completed. In the case of assignments; once this is provided by Calwest to the student; he/she will have 3 weeks to submit it for evaluation.

Credits Earned in a Compressed Time Period

Due to the 24 hours per day, 7-days a week nature of a campus in the cloud, it is possible that students may learn at different paces; and some may be able to compress the time period in which they earn a degree. However, Calwest will not permit a program compression that enables students to complete in less than one year for a graduate degree. Special permission on a case by case basis will need to be obtained by students who wish to compress their courses in time periods less than this, and would usually pertain to those coming with significant credit for prior learning in an equivalent program.

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