President's Message

Calwest University was established to provide affordable high-quality American degrees to students living in all parts of the world who deserve a quality education, but were, until recently, unable to obtain such due to both costs and the tyranny of distance.

The innovative approach adopted by Calwest is that whilst the Course Content is solely designed and delivered by Calwest faculty, the syllabus outlines of the courses are benchmarked with the courses of other World-class universities that have MOOC offerings. Therefore it is very possible that a student’s expected learning outcomes from a course listed and offered in Calwest’s catalog can be supplemented via a similar MOOC course.

All the Course Assessments will be done by Calwest professors. These assessments include proctored traditional and online exams, assignments, challenge exams and credit for prior learning. The learning of students undertaking all modes of assessment is based on the syllabuses of courses offered at Calwest, and listed in its catalog.

Due to the international reach of online learning, Calwest hopes to cater to student in areas of the world in which, prior to the advent of MOOC, such opportunities of quality educational delivery free of charge were not available. As such, students can work towards attaining a recognized degree at a fraction of the costs usually associated with American degree programs.

We hope you will enjoy the experience of moving from ‘Teaching to Learning’ at Calwest.

To all prospective students, I extend a warm welcome!


Professor Janek Ratnatunga, PhD MBA (Bradford, UK), FCA, CPA, CMA



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